I love films and even spent seven years working at a famous video store when I was studying at Uni (I did a masters degree which looked at racial representation in films). I think a lot of people pitch books against TV and films, but the majority of the things you see on the screen are written. A screenwriter has spent a lot of time writing the words that people say and the actions that happen. I often think that screenwriters get forgotten, especially when you have big named actors or directors involved. I love to challenge myself and to try new forms of writing, so I have dabbled in a little screenwriting. Below you can see that I wrote a short film and it was actually made! I think the theme of 'having a go' at something new is in Danny Chung and screenwriting is definitely one of those things, where one day, I thought...'I'm going to have a go and see if I can do it.' As you can see, like writing books, it's taken a long time to get from writing a short film to having one actually made. I wrote a version of the short film that was made way back in 2008. Then I decided to focus on prose and raising my family; so screenwriting was put aside. But I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to come back to it. 



Staring Joseph Marcell and Shin-Fei Chen 


Written by Maisie Chan

Directed by Paul Sng

Produced by Johanna Blair

Editor: Christopher Chow

DOP: David Lee

Executive Producers: Chi Thai and Sarah Drummond

Production company: LS Productions 

Funded by BFI, Screen Scotland and the National Lottery



British Shorts in Berlin Jan 2022

Sharp Shorts Screening at Glasgow Film Festival March 2022

London Short Film Festival 2023 


Magic Light Pictures:  Series 2: episode screenwriter (2022)


Magic Light Pictures Trainee Writer Scheme 2022:  In-depth training on how to write for Pip and Posy, shadowing and writer's room


CBBC Writer's room 2021: New animated show in development x 3 story conferences


CBeebies Writer's room 2021: New animated show in development x 1 story conference


BEATS FELLOW 2020/21 - Mentored by Emma Reeves (CBBC The Worst Witch, My Mum Tracy Beaker)


Sharp Shorts Development Scheme (Short Circuit/BFI) 2020/2021 - script development (Folding) and industry insight. Funded short film, directed by Paul Sng (BAFTA Breakthrough 2022). 


BBC Writersroom New Voices Festival (Children's TV) 2020 - attendee


ScreenSkills Course: Writing for Children's TV (Animation) Feb - March 2021 with Myles McLeod (The Brothers McLeod - Circle Square)


Write4Film (Scottish Film Talent Network) 2019-2020 - Six months scheme with script editor Anna Seifert-Speck and masterclasses from Phil Parker, Paul Fraser. Pitching coaching with John Letham. Wrote a short RESPITE (10 mins) and feature outline for Danny Chung novel adaptation. 


BBC Writersroom British Chinese Writers Weekend 2008 with Phil Parker and Paul Ashton


SCRIPT Birmingham: Introduction to Screen Writing 2008 - 4 week course 




B3 Media - Digishorts - ASTON MANNA (10 min short) Shortlisted 2009


Screen West Midlands - Digishorts - ASTON MANNA (10 min short) Shortlisted 2009 (team: Roger Shannon as producer and Pogus Caesar as director)


BBC Writersroom: BBC Bites (Short film competition) - LYCHEES AND BINGO BALLS (10 min short) Winner 2008