My name is Maisie Chan and I am a children's author! I like to write all kinds of things! My novels are set in contemporary life, but I've also written the Tiger Warrior series - fantasy books for young readers. I've retold fairytales, myths and legends. I like trying new things to see if I can do it!  My debut novel Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths (aka Danny Chung Sums It Up in the U.S.) won the Jhalak Children's and YA Prize AND the Branford Boase Award 2022! I'm so grateful to the judges and all of the readers who have taken time to read my novel. It was also one of the last books to be shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2022 (which sadly have now ended) and the Diverse Book Awards 2022. 


My latest novel  Keep Dancing, Lizzie Chu is OUT NOW with Piccadilly Press in the U.K and Amulet Books (Abrams Kids) in the U.S. It's about Lizzie Chu whose wai gong (grandfather) is acting strange. It has cosplay (dressing up as your favourite comic character), a road trip, Chinese deities and sausage sandwiches and of course, dancing. I really hope you like it!  Keep Dancing, Lizzie Chu is longlisted for the Diverse Book Awards 2023. It was shortlisted for the Glasgow YA-ldi and Juniper Book Awards 2023. and longlisted for the Phoenix Book Award. It is on the Empathy Lab 'Read for Empathy' Collection 2023 and was Scottish Book Trust's Bookzilla BOOK OF THE MONTH


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You will also find lists of books by East and Southeast Asian writers. Enjoy! 

"I liked seeing things that aren't in other books like Tiger balm and congee" - Edie, aged 9