Funny, heart-warming and packed with fascinating snippets of Chinese culture. I loved reading about the intergenerational relationship between Danny and his grandmother. We all need a Nai Nai in our lives  Jen Carney, author and illustrator of THE ACCIDENTAL DIARY OF B.U.G.


DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is both heart-warming and hilarious, filled with characters you'll instantly love. Sweet, exciting, and endlessly funny, this is a must-read! ― Jamie Smart, author and illustrator of BUNNY VS MONKEY and FLEMBER

DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is joyful and funny and really charmed me. It's a story about discovering what makes you tick, and it's a celebration of creativity in all its forms, whether that is maths, art, comics or whatever else inspires. ― Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician, author, and broadcaster


DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is a hilarious, warm story about a boy and his grandmother and the incredible team they make together. Maisie Chan has a gift for creating unforgettable characters, both old and young. Nai Nai and her lychees, and Danny and his Druckon, are characters you'll remember forever! -- Leila Rasheed, author of EMPIRE'S END (Scholastic) and director of the Megaphone Writer Development Scheme.

Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths is SO GOOD. Danny and Nai Nai's blossoming relationship is one of the best I've read in forever. So much culture and heart in one book. And it's also very funny. ― A New Chapter Online Bookstore

Really enjoyed Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths. Absolutely ADORED Nai Nai and Danny's connection with her ... there's that moment where the book just melts your heart ― Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of Never Show a T-Rex A Book! Winner of the SOA Queen's Knickers Award

DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is wonderful! Full of heart and humour, and it brilliantly highlights the importance of being true to yourself ― Katie Tsang, author of the SAM WU series and DRAGON REALM series.


Just finished reading DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS with a big smile on my face, I love it – Caroline Fielding, CILIP, YLGLondon, Chartered librarian


I know for a fact that my words cannot express how fabulous, joyous and funny this book is! Danny must learn to live with his Nai Nai who he has never met. Doubting their time together, Danny is in for some brilliant surprises – Erin Hamilton, Blogger for My Shelves Are Full


Just finished this sweet MG by Maisie Chan about 11 year old Danny who grows to love his grandma who has come from China. I could see SO many parallels to my own gran turning up at our house, but thankfully I didn’t have to share a room with her! Really enjoyed the silent but warm connection between grandparent and child. I loved the support Nai Nai got for her bingo, in fact, I just loved Nai Nai. I love relatable story about acceptance and being who you are! A.M. Dassu, author of BOY, EVERYWHERE



Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths is a heart-warming story of family, friendship and of course maths. Danny is frustrated when his Nai Nai moves from China to Birmingham - he can't believe he has to share his bedroom and is mortified when Nai Nai turns up at his school in the middle of the day! But soon Nai Nai discovers bingo and Danny becomes her accomplice as she sneaks out to play each afternoon...I love stories about family, friendship and the intense emotions of the apparently small moments in life, and Danny Chung is no exception. I also love books with lots of food! Lychees, Yorkshire puddings and of course Romanesco Cauliflower all feature, and I love it! Helen Harvey, author of EMMY LEVELS UP


I challenge you to not giggle whilst reading this delightfully funny and warm debut! Loved Danny Chung and his magnificently mischievous Nai Nai who disrupts Danny’s world...! Warmed the cockles of my heart! Utterly lovely. Bravo Maisie Chan! – Liz Hyder, author of BEARMOUTH and THE GIFTS