24 November 2020
Maisie talks about connecting with others and what she has been up to the past few weeks!

23 October 2020
The End of One Thing, Can be the Beginning of Another... I'm a firm believer in cycles...not bicycles, but the intrinsic up and down of nature and of our lives. This pandemic has been and will continue to be very difficult for humans on this planet. We have globally experienced something that has affected all of our lives. Some days, I regret reading the news, and other days I feel hopeful. This blog is about endings and also the hope that follows. The renewal of life and energy. I'm going to...

03 October 2020
Read all about what Maisie got up to during September.

13 September 2020
A Tree for Nanny Barton By Maisie Chan [Inspired by the Moat Brae Neverland Discovery Garden’s Tulip Tree and Aliisa Hyslop’s Tree Stories] [Trigger warning - this story has elements of child grief, if you know a child/reader who has recently lost someone then perhaps read the story before you share it with them to see if it's suitable] Charly’s nanny had gone. His ma had told him she was in a better place, but Charly wasn’t sure where a better place could be. Surely, the best place...

23 August 2020
My First Visit to Peter Pan Moat Brae I’m writing on a drizzle-filled morning from a book lined room upstairs at Moat Brae. The room is perfect for a writer. It has a large desk, with a window and the shelves are filled with books, mainly children’s books. I admit, I have been somewhat distracted by all of the titles I am surrounded by and have been browsing the spines and flicking through pages. We writers like to call such distraction ‘procrastination’. Many of them are older books...

10 August 2020
Maisie discusses what a week away can do to help the writing process.

24 July 2020
What has Maisie been up to in the last two week? Picture books!

11 July 2020
Maisie discusses deadlines, being a mentor and what she is up to next

26 June 2020
A summary of what Maisie have been up to these past two weeks in June

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